What’s good?

I’m happy to say that, at long last, I’ve made myself a website! Granted, the site is only one of many incremental steps to building my brand, yet launching it does instill a strong sense of direction. So much time has been spent hesitating to take the plunge and follow God’s calling to do music. Frankly, hesitation was one of many motifs for my college experience – I suppose it wasn’t ill-founded. After all, one doesn’t need to look very far to find the tragic narrative of musical talent succumbing to total chaos, whether it be financial failure, relationship troubles, substance abuse, etc. The horror stories of so many musicians haunted me for the past few years, and it didn’t necessarily help that the campus culture promoted a lifestyle that is at least correlated with those pitfalls. Nevertheless, I finally committed to the dream almost a year ago while I was studying in France. It’s been good to have some freedom from those constant pressures I mentioned, but it’s obviously temporary, in light of the impending move to NYC. I’ve devoted this last summer at home to ensuring that I am as healthy as possible. Perhaps there’s some fellow musicians reading this who can sympathize with that feeling.

Anyway, I hope my first post doesn’t seem overly confessional. I really have no idea what I’m doing just yet – just a dog chasing cars for the time being. Grateful to have gigs lined up through the end of my time in Fort Wayne as well as a job working in ABA therapy for kids with autism! I’ll catch y’all on the next post!

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