At year’s end

Tomorrow I celebrate my 23rd birthday or my Jordan year as the cool kids say. I was fortunate enough to have this week off, so a trip home to Fort Wayne seemed fitting. It’s safe to say that the New York hustle has latched on to my heart and mind, as I will be heading back on the 29th to play in the Upper East Side for New Year’s Eve. While the gig schedule is beginning to slowly fill up, this next one, in particular, is one of many small accomplishments I had envisioned for my musical career. A year ago I had just finished an NYE set after only days since returning from France, and I recall seeing the Times Square festivities on TV while I was out. With grad school auditions approaching at that time, I knew, at that moment, that I wanted to be playing in the Big Apple for the following New Year’s. And though I wisely decided against studying for a master’s, the Lord still provided a way into the city and eventually the right people to put me precisely where I wanted to land. By His will alone I am able to sustain this unorthodox career life, let alone have any musical skill to boot in the first place. Merry Christmas and cheers to a busy 2019!

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